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Veteran Employment Career Agency

A Full Service Veteran Employment Career Agency


Veterans at Your Service is a full service veteran employment career agency. Unlike all the other employment agencies who are simply interested in just placing a veteran candidate in any job they can get them into, we approach the task of career placement in a totally different and comprehensive fashion.

Testing, qualifying, educating and packaging our Veteran candidates for their future employer allows us to place them into career positions with the companies they wish to work for, and that we know they are well suited for and will be happy staying with.

How we accomplish this………

FREE Assessment of Veterans Suitability


veteran employment career agency for Navy, Marine, Air Force, Army veterans former militaryWe do this through extensive occupational testing, psychological testing, education, and comprehensive training while teaching them how to position themselves into a satisfying and rewarding career they are proud to be a part of once they are placed.

Our services are FREE to our Veteran clients. We “package” the Veteran candidate and present them to employers who contract with us for our services of finding the right candidate for the position. The employer can feel confident that once they acquire one of Our Veteran Candidates they are likely to perform above expectations and be a productive member of their team for a long period of time. When you love what you do, you do it well, you stay with it, and everyone is the winner for it.